The Worst Reason to Homeschool

Inspiring words

One of the things I love about writing is when I read something in the news or on another blog and it inspires me so much that I have to stop everything and write about it myself.  That’s what happened when I read an article by Jaime on the Simple Homeschool blog about what she describes as the worst reason to homeschool your children.  If you are reading this you’re probably firmly in the camp of homeschooling being a good thing so how could there be a bad reason to do it?  But the author, I think, touches on some very important points about attitude and motivation.  I’ll give you a taste of what she wrote which you can continue reading on her site and then I’ll continue my throughts…

Six years ago, after I became a mother for the first time, I began getting to know other mothers in the community where we lived.


A few of these seasoned moms homeschooled their kids. Back then, I didn’t know anything about homeschooling. Like many, I thought it seemed just a little…different. Odd. Strange.


Most of the time when I overheard these women talking about their educational choice, and why they were doing it, the reasons seemed to have one thing in common.


Can you guess what it was?





Beware of human nature when considering homeschooling

Think about it.  You know it’s true.  I myself am guilty of this way of thinking.  When I wrote my post on the top ten reasons to homeschool children, I tried to lay out the benefits of homeschooling, but I chose to do it in a way that also addressed the negatives of the public school system.  In the post more reasons to homeschool children, I discussed different circumstances that could lead a family to make the decision to homeschool, but in reality homeschooling is often the best option regardless of your circumstances if you are doing it for the right reasons, not fear.  If your sole reason for homeschooling is to get away from something else then you’re setting yourself up for some difficult times.  Human nature is such that we are much more motivated by positive thought then negative thought.  The mega million lottery was at a record last week and all anyone could talk about was what they would do if they won.   That positive thought motivated so many people to buy tickets even if they had never before played the lottery in their lives.  Focusing on the negative can cause you to be resentful when you or your kids are having motivation issues and you may be more likely to give up.  So do as the author says a make a list of the POSITIVE reasons to homeschool and share some in the comments!

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